Monday, 30 May 2005

Final Fantasy VII

Sorry for the lack of entries recently ^^ Have been having WAY too much fun watching TeniPuri and playing computer games ^^ BTW, the anime summaries on shld get updated once i manage to pass them to CoolBlueX for UL... One fun game that DEFINITELY deserves a try is Paradoxion, even more so if u like puzzles *nods head* You can get the trial version HERE.

Well, on to another game that has taken me ages to get down to playing... FF7 for the PC ^^ (Yes, juan is slow, but what to do when juan doesn't have a PS2 or much time during the hols?) Really happy that DT could lend me her FF7 (and FF8) games to play!! Heehee.... It DID take me a while to figure out how to use the mousepad on my IBM lappie, plus even more time before I actually got used to what key controlled what... But after that, it's pretty fun ^^ This is SO gonna take up more of my time... there goes the thots of practising Japanese and walling... Oops..... Oh well, it IS the hols, and I kinda want some FF to play while waiting for SquareSoft to actually release the much awaited FF 7: Advent Children DVD ^^ The game would do for now (tho' the graphics aren't quite like the present FF CGs, they are pretty cute) Would probably spend the most of tmr playing FF7, at least til I get stuck at one stage or another.... Tata for now!

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