Wednesday, 27 July 2005

Don't u just love gatherings? ^^

Okie... so I was back in Singapore since Friday nite... Just been too lazy to post.... Plus, I dunno where to start on wrt Tioman.... Din get many photos this time, since I was snorkeling.... Plus my back just started peeling a little yesterday... Well, on to the main entry ^^


Just got home from my P3 (I kid u not!!!) gathering at Breko, Holland V ^^ It was great fun seeing the whole bunch of us again, in spite of the fact that less than half the class was down, but well, it HAS been like 12 years..... There was me, Tingting, Jessica, Seok, Kiat, Mark, Huson, Lester, Linus, Hannah, Joses, Lucas, Immanuel (did I leave anybody out? guess I'll check again when Kiat or someone else actually uploads the photos to the yahoogroups, and I get to put the photo up too... heehee...) Pity Ms Gaw cldn't make it. Do hope that her gum muscles get better soon. It really is pretty amazing how we can keep on having gatherings, considering that my sec and jc classes dun seem to org (or want to org) gatherings.... And not matter how much time we all have spent away from each other, there is always some kind of bonds that we still feel, and are still abt to happily chat w each other w/o any weird awkward silences ^^ (I really love this bunch of pple!!) The more we chat, the more childhood memories surfaced, and all the silly things we did as kids kept surfacing.... Ah, how times fly.... Now, amongst us, we have budding doctors, lawyers, scientists etc.... *nostalgic feelings*

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boonleong said...

i don't even remember anyone who was with me in p3. except (grumble) vicknesh. and when can i meet u to have my goggles back?