Thursday, 7 July 2005

spanky new layout

Yes, lazy ol' Juan finally got round to changing my blog layout... (such a hassle!) Partly 'cos Kiat just did his, and he found a nice one that I cld use ^^ The major prob I am facing now is that my blog looks wonderful in IE but a tad bit weird in Firefox, and I do like Firefox a whole lot more than IE.... *bleah* kinda need to get my links up again and stuff.... think I prob need to incorporate some javascript in, so that my sidebar isn't too long... (hope that won't further mess up the layout *sobz*) Well, yea, this is kinda to let u know wat's happening, so dun pls dun mind if my blog looks weird for a while.... Do hope I get things sorted out before we go off to Tioman!!

1 comment:

boonleong said...

go tioman bo jio! ><