Thursday, 2 February 2006


Just reached SPS after watching 霍元甲 at Cineleisure in the morning.... Feels great seeing Jet Li back in the genre he is best suited for.... Chinese kungfu ^^ Miss those gd ol' days of Fong Sai Yuk and Huang Feihong.... All those Hollywood flops and he's back!!! *fan girl starts to do some backflips since Juan can't do any* Rather nice action movie... Wonder if it's based on a true story... So sad that he had to die just as he found his direction in life and went to Shanghai to start his 精武 association... He didn't even get to go back to the village he recuperated at! *whines* OK, the spoilers shall just stop here ^^ Just glad that Jet Li went back to do one more movie in the genre that made him so popular... Wld be a real pity if he had just ended his career with those english flops.. Another thing to note, the Japanese fighter, 田中安野 (Tanaka Sano) really looked familiar, and he's the lead actor in 『いま、会いに行きます』!!! Just went to the website to double check, and it is him!! Oh wow~ If that was really him speaking in Chinese, I really have added respect for 中村獅童 (Nakamura Shidou)~ EDIT: Went to google him and it seems that he went to learn chinese for his lines!! 0_o He is just so cool~~ Shall take note of him for future references ^^ Found these websites (1, 2) abt the movie, and tho' the focus is on Jet Li, there's also quite a bit on Nakamura... Real talented guy, kabuki, TV series, movies, seiyuu roles.... *swoons*

Really great to be able to understand snatches of the little Japanese that was spoken during the show ^^ So cool~ Didn't expect to see him any time soon since I don't really watch (or notice) J-dramas... Haha... What a nice way to start the day off.... Pity there was some mix up and we din reach back in NUS in time to go donate blood (esp since Des had to go finish up his Bible study prep) ... Guess there's tmr, since EW01 won't be available for me and Wai to do our casting.... Okies... Shall stop bumming in SPS and start heading over to lab~

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