Friday, 3 February 2006

Blood donation woes....

With all the recent news about how the bloodbank is low on supplies (plus the fact that I am now 21 and no longer need parental consent), I decided to venture forth to the Blood Centre @ NUH to give a little ang pow of my own ^^ Did the usual checks and stuff, blood count was adequate enough, so filled in the form to donate blood, but alas, it seems that since I was in UK for more than 3 months in the 1980s, I can't donate blood!!! *whines* This just means that Juan here is allowed to donate ANY blood, plasma or platelets for the entirety of her life :( *sobz* All because of Mad Cow preventive measures.... Wonder if I can still go for bone marrow donations~~ The nice nursie there wasn't too sure... *sigh* Ended up just keeping Des company as his blood oozed out into his contribution.... Wasn't anybody else donating blood, so I was able to just sit there on one of those funky inclined chairs ^^ Oh well, guess the only pple in my family who wld be able to donate blood wld be my sibs... Must find some way to persuade them to donate on my behalf ^^

Actually, really wanna encourage all those who are able, to go and be regular blood donors.... Singapore does need REGULAR donors, instead of those who just appear during blood donation drives and then forget abt it altogether.... Do go regularly every 3 months, can? Really wanna be able to but.... Anyway, here are some links that u guys might wanna check out...

(1) Siva's site abt blood donations
(2) DonorWeb
(3) Bloodstocks indicator

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