Saturday, 6 January 2007

And so the new year begins....

*PHEW* finally managed to change my blog layout. The year-end break has been real short, and somehow packed (I have no idea how I managed to busy myself), so I just used one of MyrrhLynn's layouts that are available on her Daystar website. Back to simple table coding, so no more messy scripts lying all over ^^ At least this time round I sorta understood most of the coding, though I still feel sorely out of practice~~ Slightly cheery-er, greener color scheme to start me year off! Loads faster too!! Too tired (after making sure all the linkies and stuff work) to actually make something that is more uniquely mine but managed to find quotes and user pics that actually match nicely ^^ Just wait til I have time to fiddle around again.. if ever that is!! *grr*

Good news is that the link to the photos is sorted out. Just a common link to the albums page of my yahoo photos but that should be it... At least til I fiddle with Picasa and see how it compares... And before I forget,


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