Sunday, 7 January 2007


Here's presenting the fully functional version 2 of ASHIRA ^^ Revamping this from the original Legolas layout has caused me to learn a little more about CSS along with refreshing me rusty HTML (and has also made me realise that having blogger codes of any kind tends to cause HTML to behave strangely) If and when I find the time to dissect an iFRAMES layout in a bit to do my own, this blog would definitely be ifted up more!! In the meantime, I love this layout that combines God, blue-ness, and the sea, all-into-one.

The copyright is still up since the bulk of the coding is still MyrrhLynn's, though I sadly cannot remember where I got the main picture from. It's cropped from a wallpaper I found sometime back.

*jeeps* Have to wake up early for the first Tropical Conservation lecture tomorrow and I still haven't typed in the data for my experiments!!! Just couldn't resist tinkering with ASHIRA... Especially since it's the start of the new tear!! Not to worry, only taking Tropical Conservation this semester (and crashing a couple of extra modules) ^^ *back-to-work, back-to-work*

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