Monday, 8 January 2007

Let the lessons begin....

Only taking one module this semester but the Monday lectures are at 8am!! *whines* Plus the fact that SEA conservation taught by a couple of cynical (though inspiring researchers and mentors) is rather depressing..... Just that my semester has just started on a depressing note and that the rest of the module seems to the same. Probably not gonna be discussing much on marine conservation, except for the one guest lecture that Prof would be doing. Really makes me wonder as to whether what I am doing at the moment is going to have any impact on our environment, be it Singapore or SEA or the world. How does studying the settlement and post-settlement survivorship in Pocillopora damicornis fit into the bigger picture of it all? *sigh* Sounds pretty much like what Wai voiced out before... Can just only hope that whatever little that I am doing is like helping each and everyone of those stranded seastars and whales and dolphins... Just hope that we are not causing unnecessary damage to the environment.... *hefty sigh*

In the meantime, the group project sounds promising. No details have been ironed out so far but it seems that we would be working/proposing some possible modules that Conservation International would provide to developing countries with some aid in the education of conservation. Promising, eh? Degree of practicality/feasibility? I have absolutely no idea... Will just have to see how it all goes ^^

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