Friday, 29 February 2008


Okies, so I am SLOW.... If not for Tony's blog entry, I would have completely missed this chance to post a once-every-4-year entry~~ So, yep. It's 29th February, it's a leap year, and it's the International Year of the Reef.... And it's my zodiac year of the rat! My year!! So here's a real quickie entry to mark today. Proudly presenting a selection of photos taken in the past 6 months or so of intertidal and marine wonderings in Singapore!! All just to mark this special day that only comes round once every four years. *q(^-^)p* Do click on the image below to see bigger sizes on Flickr. Looks much better full sized!
marine collage - 20080229

Also, not to forget that it's also the INTERNATIONAL YEAR OF THE FROG!! Poor little froggies tend to be a bit neglected since it's IYOR and Year of the Potato as well.
IMG_0062 anura

Read more about the Year of the Frog here at Monkey's blog. She has done a nice succinct write-up there.

So happy 29th Feb and see you in 4 years!!

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ria said...

What a great entry! I wish I thought of doing this.

As an 'in lieu' will post a link to your post on the IYOR blog :-)

Thanks for featuring IYOR!