Friday, 26 November 2004

More books!!!

haven't been able to post for a while 'coz of exams and some weird error blogger keeps on giving me, but oh well, i'm back ^-^

went with kemin to kinokuniya today... thot i could get the fushigi yuugi mag for meself and sil, but seems like it'll only be in next week or so... meanwhile, got my kanji dictionary, plus i found the chinese translations of Juuni Kokuki novels and Kino no Tabi!!! bought 2 of the JK novels (gonna buy the rest much later after i haf saved up) but sticking to the original Japanese for kino since (1) i can sorta understand it plus i do need to prac my japanese, (2) it's not that much more expensive, (3) i already started collecting the japanese version, (4) the size is so much handier!!!

the last paper is finally on wed, and it's off to camp the next day!!

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