Thursday, 17 February 2005

2nd trip down to UHWC

Oh well, after all that bugging from me mom, I finally made a trip down to YIH to see the doctor.... 20 min waiting time, 5 min consultation by Dr Chua (the nice doctor who saw to my ankle the last time), another 20 min wait for medication.... Guess that's pretty short when you compare that with non-emergency cases in the polyclinics.... What is it about medical care and waiting times? There forever seems to be a shortage of doctors (or at least GPs) wherever you go.... I generally don't like seeing doctors.... No particular reason. I just don't like it. However, it seems like this 2nd year in NUS is plagued by health/medical problems... *sigh* But it is a good thing that consultation and the common medications are FOC for undergrads ^^

Speaking of which, I have to take THREE kinds of medications for me eye infection!! Oral antibiotics (tetracycline) in the form of capsules, chloramphenicol eye drops, as well as chloramphenicol eye ointment (that keeps coming out of the tube non-stop, just like UHU glue)... Boy, can just one eye be such a troublesome handful! BTW, pls don;t self medicate based on the stuff I got, do see a doctor if you ever get an eye infection!!

*hefty sigh* NOT looking fwd to the long day ahead of me..... but at least my eye is not as painful any more ^^

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