Monday, 21 February 2005

Adventures with Microfilm II

疲れた!! Just spent the whole day looking at more microfilms..... *sigh* starting to hate the essay..... being in a dimly lit room for hours in a row just does things to u, ok? anyway, *think* i managed to squeeze out enough stuff for me essay... *keeps fingers crossed* since the microfilm room was just filled w fellow desperados (for singaporean perceptions... not anything else), did manage to make 4 new frens ^^ LOL, desperation just brings pple together, doesn't it?

as i already mentioned, old newspapers are really a lot of fun to read, but definitely (oi~ fansubs, when can u get the spelling of "definitely" correct?!?) not when u have a couple of other projects, tonnes of stuff to study for mid-terms, and have the essay dued in a week's time..... real interesting reading the news as if it is a textbook, and the adverts of companies that are still ard today (HMV, mitsubishi, klim....) is just as amusing (tho' the novelty does wear off after a while)

the microfilm photocopier is pretty nifty! tho' kinda costly at 40 cents per piece.... i now have 12 plus bucks worth of soon-to-be rough paper.... whoppee~~

nvmind me.... just tired, hungry and frustrated... guess that means it is time to go home since anything else i try to do wld be counter-productive....

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