Monday, 7 February 2005

Black Jack TV

Just found out about this anime, and I think it is pretty nifty. ^^ It's the ongoing remake of the 1993 (i think) series, and is based on the manga by Tezuka Osamu (think he was also known for the creation of astroboy, and boy does the art look similar!) Not watching it because of the brilliant art or CG, but the very human themes that are brought out. Black Jack is a reknowned unlicensed surgeon (dun ask me how he has NOT been arrested in spite of being so prominent), and a kinda Robin Hood of the medical world. Since it IS a fictitious world, the medical scenarios that are featured are well, outrageous at times. Curing tuberculosis by operating?!? An IV needle tip (at least 2-3cm in length) circulating round the veins, heart and lungs without puncturing anything?!? Come on! The perseverance of the human spirit is what makes this anime warm my heart. Black Jack does do things in a rather gruff manner but ultimately, he still tries to remind others what it is to be human. Plus, whenever he changes into his surgical attire with such flourish, I can't help but snigger at how cheesy it is ^^ Oh well, at least this is quite a change from the usual run-of-the-mill shoujo/shounen animes....

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