Saturday, 16 April 2005

Exam blues....

OK... this is gonna be my last post til after *most* of my papers... having 6 papers over 2 weeks or so... then need to do 2 review papers in 5 days.... Exam schedule is as follows...

23 April: LAJ2202 Japanese 3
25 April: LSM3212 Human Physiology
26 April: ST2238 Introductory Biostatistics
28 April: SSA2205 Japan & Singapore
29 April: LSM3251 Ecology & Environmental Processes
03 May: GEM2900 Understanding Uncertainty & Statistical Thinking


Spent the past 2 days spamming since the KAA forums seem to have disappeared at the moment, and since i dun use IRC, can't check to find out wat happened... Anyway, I found not 1, not 2 but THREE other fellow singaporeans who are pretty active there too!! 2 of them turn out to live rather close by, and another is my JC junior too!! And I thot Singapore was small.... Guess the online world is even smaller ^^ Heehee... 2 other guys on BP also found out that they are in the small grade in the same school (but unfortunately are in diff classes)

Have also started updating the blog w link buttons instead of the boring text.... But not all of the sites provide buttons to link back, so I guess I gotta make some myself (after the exams)....

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