Friday, 1 April 2005

What color are you?

Take the quiz: "What color are you?"

Your color is white.... The purest of all, you live to serve, and make others happy... You never anger, always understand, and always do what is right... You are almost angelic... You are trustworthy and friendly....

Yea.... Juan is having fun doing silly quizzes again (How on earth is that color above white?!? Ain't it more like OFF-white?!?) It's a great way to de-stress ya know!!

Anyway, it seems that Juan keeps on finding more and more friends with blogs, and the sidebar keeps getting longer and longer.... Oh well... Think that calls for a massive organising of the blog pretty soon (ok, maybe NOT so soon but after the exams... during the hols... Juan seems to keep on saying this, doesn't she?)

Human physio lect....

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Vicknesh said...

hello! long time no see! i see you found my blog as well... wow