Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Nudibranchs Encyclopedia

IT IS HERE IN SINGAPORE!!!! Thanks to Ivan for delivering it to office ^^ As well as making me one of the first few in Singapore to receive it!! *goes into fangirl mode* Rather heavy hardcover book but more nudi photos to oogle and glomp~~~ Photos much bigger that those in the 1001 Nudibranchs book.... Ria of WildSingapore has contributed a number of photos too (and is mentioned in the special thanks!), meaning Singapore slugs have made their mark in the book too!! Quite a thrill to see ^^ Shall I do a review of it? hmmm....

Order from I-NSC now!!


ria said...

Oh WOW! Jun! I haven't got a copy yet. Can't wait to see it.

Yes, please do a review. And if my photos suck just say so :-) Can always improve.

Wow! This is exciting.

juanicths said...

Ria, your photos look simply FABULOUS!

The review will have to wait til the office reference books are outta their boxes, then I can compare them with this book ^^

Joseph Lai Tuck Kwong said...

I am so happy for you, Ria! Fabulous! You deserves the accolades. You are our Singapore's best marine naturalist and biologist! Never mind the name though, you are our most genuine advocate for marine conservation! Hurray!! Long live our nudibranchs and everything slimy... but not slime-ball-good-for-nothing-money-licking-marine-academics! Joe Lai