Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Once Upon a Tree - Tides and Coastlines episode 01

Just caught the first episode of the new season of Once Upon a Tree. Not that I knew about watched the first season that focused on Singapore's terrestrial environment.... Thanks to Ria for pointing out the screening of the first episode (as well as a synopsis)! How apt that the second season is on our marine and intertidal environment, especially with the International Year of the Reef and ADEX 2008 in Singapore.

I may have heard wrongly but I think This new season marks the beginning of a 6 week journey with Dr Shawn Lum and Ong Sue-Lynn as they talk to people and find our more about our shores and intertidal life. A real quick 30 minute slot targeted at the general public with enough snippets of information on our intertidal and marine life, yet rich in messages. Way too general for the usual buncha intertidal/diving enthusiasts that I willingly squander time, sweat and whatever else with. But hey! This show's not aimed at us! In fact, a few of us are involved (or actually) in it!! Did try to memorise the scientific names of critters that flashed by on the screen but there were too many.... There's always my guiding notes for those anyway. ^^

Nice pacing from the start with Shawn introducing little links that tie our lives with the shore, as well as the quick sharing/interview with Dr Beverly Goh. Then we were whisked off to Kusu with co-host Sue-Lynn, to get to where the action life is. The intertidal flats!!! Kusu being one of my more frequented intertidal abodes, it was thrilling yet a little weird to see it onscreen. A quick introduction of the island (which I should take more from to weave into my guiding script...), and off she goes to meet YC, her guide for the day. Interesting how he has this bag with all those interesting (and familiar) looking apparatus hanging that wasn't put to use. Yet another guide that I can learn loads off. Pity they could only fit in a general introduction to anemones, marine snails, and hermit crabs. So much more that we can see!! But for that, I guess you'll have to join BWV on their next guided walk there. Hopefully there would be more critter introductions as the season progresses. Ria has also posted some feature articles on Kusu at the IYOR Singapore blog:
Isle of History
Isle of Shrines

We bounce back to Shawn in the heart of town where he hears a bit more about the marina barrage that is being built (and expected to be completed this year). Also introduces us to the shelled (and not shelved) life that's along Singapore river despite the canalization and all. That's before we end off with the take-home message of not littering and thoughlessly chucking out rubbish since somehow the trash all ends up in our waterways and sea....

See what I mean by rich in messages? Definitely hitting breadth (and as many issues as possible) instead of depth. Stay tune for the next installment next week!!


ria said...

Thanks for the review! And so swiftly posted too!

Can't wait for the ep featuring you!

juanicths said...

You're welcome. Just hope that it's coherent enough ^^