Friday, 12 November 2004

Mangroves, さよなら!!

Yay!!! 72 presentation over liaoz!!! some how we ended way too early... so instead of 25 mi presentation, 15 Q & A, we had 15 min presentation and 25 min of the firing squad!!! *sigh* but at least it is all over, after 2 semesters ^-^ well... need to commend goose and spider for putting up with this silly 鼠... especially for this semester, with me running off haf the time... ごめん ね。。。 but now can just chuck the whole lot away!!!! *parties*shall celebrate by watching 「十二国記」 and 「犬夜叉」 on central tonite.

anyway, the chain of cathay cinemas in Singapore would be showing this new Japanese movie 「海猿」 appears to be a story about a group of 14 guys who wanna be come naval divers.... there's a review in english here. The director is Hasumi Eiichiro, and the trailer makes it look rather interesting. ぜひ見たいよ! pretty interesting that I would actually be interested in a Japanese show that is NOT アニメ (animated film) LOL but will try and check it out after my exams *crosses fingers and hopes that it would still be showing after the exams*

wrapping up YM camp registration this sunday, and handing over the collection of camp fees to the corinne and joel tan ^-^ now zeal and i would be free to help grace and lester with the groupings and preparation of the sleeping logistics... *must remember to get the list of loving adults from wendy*

10 days to exams, 21 days to camp...

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