Monday, 15 November 2004

more words from me ^-^

camp reg officially closed but still haf pple signing up...*sigh* from now on, pple who wanna signup must hand in their forms and fees at the same time!!!! zealyn and i are having a hard time keeping records since evrything is in a big mess, plus the rest of comm also need the fixed numbers...hopefully we wld be able to collect all the money before the actual camp itself... really looking forward to the camp! *happy* that i get to start my hols w a BANG!!! pray that the camp would ba a great success!

anyway, i watched Final Fantasy: the spirits within yesterday. (yes i know that i am kinda laggie since this like came out quite some time back) no matter how many times i see the FF CGIs, i still am amazed at how well it is done! LOTR ones bland in really well in the overall movie (except weird stuff like when legolas does a really awkward leaping style while mounting a horse in 2 towers ^-^ the storyline is pretty decent, as with the ff series (as far as i know, since i haf yet to play a single one, since the proper equipment are lacking aka no ps2) *partial spoiler* the idea of needing 8 spirits (all from differing levels of biological diversity) in order to counter the invasion of the phantoms is rather nifty. call me naive or idealistic but i really love the idea of unity and cooperation for the good of all. taking the road less travelled instead of resorting to the easiest answer of violence.

just went to kinokuniya to collect the kino no tabi vol I novel i ordered (plus bought some other manga in chinese) since 2 of my frens, kemin and liling would be heading over to japan in dec, i'll be getting them to help buy the other 6 kino novels (3 books each) hehz... =^-^= must remember to remind them again just after the exams. but even if they forget, i can always order thru kinokuniya (getting kino fr kino) since i am fortunate enough to have a few branches in singapore! but need to get kanji dictionary next... prob in dec since exams are drawing near and i stil haf my lsm2201 report dued on thu... the dictionary would def be a great help, esp since nxt sem i'll prob be taking jap 3 where there wld be loads of compo writing, and besides, i borrowed a folktale-ish book, 「神々のたたり」 (kamigami no tatari; curse of the gods) from the japanese collection in the NUS chinese lib... the simplest book i could find there, but still can't understand everything. がんばらなければ ならない よ!

7 days to exam, 18 days to camp...

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