Tuesday, 2 November 2004

New book!

Oh boy oh boy oh boy!!! can't believe I actually bought a Kino no Tabi novel!!! mainly because it's in Japanese... ladidadida... was supposed to get vol 3 of the fushigi yuugi PERFECT WORLD magazine for myself and Sil (from the TamaNeko website) but since it wasn't around, i searched for japanese novels instead.... mainly Kino no Tabi (Kino's Travels) and Juuni Kokuki (12 kingdoms)... only vol 8 (the newest) vol of the kino no tabi series was available, so i bought it.... as much as i want to, i didn't buy the kino no tabi artbook (SGD$70-odd).... ordered vol 1, so i'll prob collect at the same time as i buy FY PW (in the middle of the exams) gives me around 3 - 4 weeks to save up the money [boy am i a sucker for books!]

please don't be mistaken and think that my japanese is actually good enough that i can actually fully understand the entire novel.... prob only around lower primary level at best... just that i like the style of kino no tabi (plus i know chinese, so the meaning of the kanji can be glimpsed) ^-^ *meow* prob need to invest in a kanji dictionary during the holidays... interesting fact...the illustrator of kino no tabi has a pretty interesting kanji name.... kuroboshi kouhaku.... but the kanji mean "black star red white".... wellz, my profile pic is kino ^-^ really like the anime, can't wait for the movie to be out next year!

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solow said...

First time visiting u'r blog ... from Hoi's blog. Gosh u two can compete with each other in Jap. love. Just had dinner with this Jap guy .. interested?!