Tuesday, 9 November 2004


okay...very tiring to type japanese directly into the comp without writing it out first...so this is gonna be in english (except for the title that is)

had my last japanese tutorial for the semester... very sad... we had a mini-party after TB yesterday ^-^ green tea cake from breadtalk!! とても おいしかった!But kinda sad that we won't see each other until next sem when we take jap 3 (we all agreed to bid for it!!) また 学期 ね!waiting for the photos to be sent... shawn-さん、早く送ってください!!!

昨日、jerome-さんは新しい電子辞書が持って来ました。それで、あたしの名前(中国語の漢字)を見つけました。the furigana for my name in japanese kanji would be はやし・ケンケイ and the japanese kanji would be 林絹慧。。。kinda similar to the chinese hanzi... except juan is a 女 on the left side instead... おもしろいでしょう? =^-^= *meow*

*finally* no more lessons ^-^ both vivas also over! 2 reports and 1 presentation to go... then exams and YOUTH CAMP!!!! yay!!! just submitted some scans of calendar cards i got from Comic Connections, and now i levelled up to 10, so i can grab scans to do walls. よかったね!今、wallpaperが使うことできます!

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