Monday, 31 January 2005

LSM3251 - Labrador Park Fieldtrip

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eco fieldtrips are fun!! not the usual prac that u had to follow a std procedure or anything... wat er did was basically go and look-see, look-see, then decide on what trend we wanted to test out (using a hypothesis that we came up with based on our observations) it was a shame that the tide was high, or else the rocky beach would have been really interesting.... guess wat we ended up doing....

spiders!!! pretty interesting since the lecturer is from the spider lab ^^ out of the 5 practical groups there were at least 3 groups doing something regarding those cool spiders at lab park (ther was one group doing something about ants tho') our group decided to relate web-size with type of habitat (open vs. enclosed) my sub-group was to do enclosed, meaning in the forest area, so we trooped up the hill and had a fun spider spotting amidst the greenery... leonard and i went trigger happy at the same time, taking photos of nature... that's leonard below taking a photo at one of the spiders we traumatised ^^ kinda bad enough that we were disturbing their webs by taking measurements, and we JUST had to take photos of there once in a while too!
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since i kinda just borrowed a very basic digicam from wai, the 10 over pics i took of spiders and insects were mainly out of focus... that's a real pity since the weather was fab and the insects were all nicely posing for us! kinda sad that the photo of the 6-legged spider (i am pretty sure it is a wounded spider since it had like 4 legs on one side and 2 on the other..) didn't turn out... besides, leonard and i were very fascinated by this nice LONG, succulent earthworm we saw (kristal i do hope u are NOT reading this!) it was just so gorgeous! anyway, only ONE of the "creatures" photos that i took came out a little decent... see if u can spot Mr Nephila antipodiana, with the spotted abdomen in the photo below... (yeah yeah, i KNOW i am not one of the best photographers, but.... anyway, watson said i cld borrow his spare digicam, so i do hope the photos from the next fieldtrip to sungei buloh wld turn out better)
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well... all i have to do now is to do the report that is dued on wed.... (why is it that we have less than a week to do it?!?)

p/s. was at JEC for lunch on sunday, and there was a howl's moving castle poster!!!! it opens in singapore on 24 feb ^^ yay!! can go watch another film directed by Miyazaki Hayao sensei! Bansai!

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