Thursday, 27 January 2005

This is simply amazing!!! ^^

Just came from ST2238 (Introductory Biostatistics) lecture, and I am just so amazed and encouraged that my lecturer (Andy Chiang; can't remember if he is PhD or just Prof.... prob Dr. tho') actually invited the entire lecture group to the ALPHA course dinner his church is organising!! And wat's more amazing is that he goes to is St John-St Margaret's Church, my previous church! What a small world ^^

So far lecturers (mainly my life science ones) have only been taking obtuse jibes at Christianity and the whole idea of creationalism, and other lecturers have advertised for CCAs activities. ANd I think it is really encouraging to the Christians (or at least me) that he was so ready to invite us students for the ALPHA course dinner. Really shld try to have more faith in how the Lord wld move and just take a bold step in sharing. Just like how my lecturer has. Got to go home soon since I still need to go print tmr's lecture notes and prepare for the field trip to Labrador Park (which the next blog entry wld prob be abt)

Jya ne~ =^-^=

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Go SJSM! - Boon Leong