Thursday, 20 January 2005

*finally* a fixed timetable ^^

finally after all the appeals and running ard for registration of modules, i finally have a fixed (but really messed up) timetable.... oh well... at least i got all my modules ^^ thu is like my super exercise day... 12nn to 8pm str lessons.... 12-2: jap tut (in arts), 2-4: stats GEM (in science), 4-6: jap lecture (in arts *again*), 6-8: stats lect (in science *again*) the worst part is that i can't go for crusade LM :( since it's like on thu 6-8.... and st2238 is one of my core modules... guess i can only join in AFTER... which means i shld head over once i finish typing this in ^^ (gonna collect me gen12ii shirt too!)

oh well.... that kinda ends this wk, since i dunno if i can post from home since the dial-up from my lappie is wonky... shall head over to lt29 now ^^ so ta ta for now, stay tuned for more comprehensive gibberish *hopefully* from me some time soon!

p/s. is it me or has everybody kinda stopped updating blogs for quite a while?

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