Tuesday, 11 January 2005

Bidding blues....

feeling so stupid and cheated... actually got outbidded in round 2c for jap 3 since i thot that i was already safely within the range, but apparently everybody decided to "show hand" during the close bidding and i *just* got outbidded... then 3a yesterday was like 7 pple fighting for 1 slot... and i def DON'T have enought points for those kinda conditions, and now there are like no places left *sigh* shall email Chiba sensei and see if it is possible for me to be squeezed into the class (as unlikely as i think this is gonna happen)... worst case scenario is that i buy the text and just kinda self-study and take jap 3 next sem instead (hoping that i won't forget anything...) depressing, ain't it?

it's the 2nd day of lessons and i have had 2 lectures, nothing really heavy yet.. but the stats gem was a little mind boggling, esp since i barely recall most of me stats at the moment. the video (under another sun) that we watched this morning during japan and singapore was really interesting =^-^= did learn some interesting things about relations between singapore and japan. do think i'll enjoy this module!

okie, think i have betta get down to printing notes for st2238 tmr, as well as the IR readings for ssa2205... jya ne!

p/s. yes, i am a really lazy typer, thus the lack of proper caps blah blah blah....

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