Tuesday, 18 January 2005

よかった!!! =^-^=

so happy!! for various reasons that appear below (each in one paragraph)

appeal for taking japanese 3 got through, and i still have more than 200 points left in my general account! 幸せ! and all this was done in time for the tutorial registrations ^^ now i gotta wait (and pray) that i get all my 1st choices, or else my timetable sure is gonna be messed up... heehee...

also went for a workshop on conversational evangelism (organised by SCCC) on saturday by dave geisler from meekness and truth ministries. really useful in teaching the 100 odd of us how to evangelise through even simple conversations with people around us. do hope i can put what i have learnt into practise!

managed to find a nice theme for my firefox browser, and foudn some really nice themes/skins for my windows too!! so now i have a mac-ish kinda look at the moment, as shown in the thumbnail below (well... i might as well post it here since i did a screencap for the KAA forum thread)

last thing that i am happy about is my recent doodling have turned into pretty decent sketches that i post under the doujinshi section of minitokyo (u can click on the link on the right to get to my userpage, they are in the gallery) so nice that there is a community that i can share these drawings with ^-^

managed to start clearing some of the junk in the drawers of my table, and i am so amazed at how much crap i actually kept... all the u-weekly and i-weekly... started clearing them out, so felling a little accomplished at the moment ^^

guess that's all the updating i'll do for now... going to scan and upload some more of the sketches. じゃね!!

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