Saturday, 24 September 2005

Adding to the FFVII mayhem.....

Remember how I was playing the PC ver of FFVII during the break? Well, I never finished it... stopped somewhere after the Weapons started appearing, then cldn't remember wat I was strategising, so un-installed the game.... Till the next break I guess..... Doesn't help the SQUARE is really milking the entire FFVII following for wat's it's worth. With the whole bunch of FFVII related games, as well as the occasional chara in other titles like Kingdom Hearts, not to mention HUGE fan servicing in the form of Advent Children (*drools*) and Last Order, Juan goes in search for walls and winamp skins.... Nothing like a little SQUARE to bring out the fangirl in me ^^ Guess I had better start saving for a PS3 as well as the PS3 release of FFVII... Any how, here are some quizzes from a fansite I sumbled across (ain't too difficult NOT to come across one since AC is like all the rage now.... Wanna live in Japan so I can buy the Panasonic P900iV)....

I'm Cloud!
The "Which Member of AVALANCHE are You?" quiz is brought to you by Gospel Decay

the failure
The "What type of clone would you be?" quiz is brought to you by Gospel Decay

the Ukele le Chocobo
The "Which Chcobo Theme are You" quiz is brought to you by Gospel Decay

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