Thursday, 1 September 2005

paleontologist for an afternoon ^^

Yesterday's evo lab was so fun ^^ Never thot that I wld haf had the chance to play w fossil casts etc. But we managed to do so. Banzai!! Oh well... the usual stuff abt evolution and how humans and primates ultimately had a common ancestor etc, and we had to describe the common/differing characteristics of present day primates and humans, then based on those charas, arrange the fossil casts into wat we thot was the chronological order. Really fun, and we did run into some prob like how the "fossils" are not really complete, with broken bits here and there. In the end, my group got the mid-age ones wrong.... the initial ones and latter ones were alright tho ^^ Even more convince that changing to a bio conc is the right choice ^^ Wanted to put up some of the photos, but can figure out how to upload them (since the pics are all in ppt, and I dun wanna go thru the hassle of needing to photoshop them...) Need to do UROPS and Jap stuff now.... Ciao~

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