Sunday, 11 September 2005

leaky memory

Was re-arranging some stuff on my bookshelf, and realised that the last 11 vol of my Kenshin manga are missing.... Dun recall taking them out recently (too busy to be able to read Kenshin all over again) Do hope they turn up soon... Can't believe that my memory is getting so bad that I can't even remember where I (mis)placed them... Plus it seems that this sem, the Jap dango and bunpou ONLY stays in my short term memory (aka only for like TA and TB) then I forget them all the week after.... Aargh... how am I to survive JLPT 3 at the rate I am gg?!?

Oh, and on another note, it seems that my blog works weirdly on Macs... the scroll function works find (tho' it doesn't seem to work on Windows), and the Jap charas dun appear no matter hom many times the encoding is changed... Only found out when I tried it on Ifty's laptop... The prob w the charas is prob because I am using the Windows in built IME, and iBooks may or may not have that particular equivalent....

Oh... and I still wanna sell off e first 4 vol of evangelion (chuangyi's chinese ed of course!) that I haf... any takers?

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