Wednesday, 14 September 2005

Kenshin - founded!!!

The case of the 11 missing Kenshin vol has been solved.... They were taken (w/o permission mind u!!) by my little sis.... Silly girl put back some of them yesterday, making it REAL obvious that either she or my bro was the one "borrowing" them, and my memory ain't that faulty after all ^^ Kinda glad that they haf been found, now can comcentrate better on sch stuff.. Silly sis got this BIG pep talk by mom (mainly) and a bit from me on how she shld at least let me know that she took them.... oh well.... and she was already getting a talking down from mom ab some crazy stunts that she was doing while both parents weren't ard (stuff like walking on the outer side of the stair railings, practically tempting fate to see if she wld fall and break her neck...)

Wasted enough of my lunch break on this post liao, better eat and get back to muggint general physio.... then off to evo lab and cladistics!! =^-^=

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