Monday, 28 November 2005


Alritey, all my NUS exams are over!!! Have this bad feeling that I won't be able to score for evo, but well.... at least it's over ^^ Only JLPT left on Sunday, as well as settling of some of my UROPS stuff, as well as finalising stuff for my trip... Back to lab tmr, then St John's on Wed (*yay* boat ride!!! *bunces ard*), can collect my flight tix from Wed onwards... oh yea, also need to meet up with the other Hiroshima applicants for our skit *groan* plus it seems that our group of 7 pple have yet to settle the nightbus to Osaka.... still gonna be pretty busy til just after the trip I guess... prob gonna be busy for the rest of this yr *lol*

Ya, this is yet ANOTHER one of Juan's rants.... just to celebrate the end of exams, and to do a semi-listing of wat I gotta do for the rest of the week, month, yr? Must really remember to get more money from Dad for the air tix and travel insurance and all the sccomodation stuff.... shopping expenses wld come from me, as for the rest.... Anyways, back to making rack/shelf for the fixation of the blocks that I am collecting back on Wed....

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