Friday, 25 January 2008

Blogging workshop @ NIE

Just got back from yet another blogging workshop hosted by NIE Green Club. This time, Monkey was teaching a nice big group of young 'uns how to blog!

You can tell from the ghostly images in the center why it's not a good idea to try panoramic shots with people. They just move about too much!

You may wonder what I was doing there since I don't belong to NIE nor their Green Club. No long story here. Just that I was free and korkor said he needed quite a few trainers/facilitators...

The children and their parents were all rather cheerful and excited during the entire session, and I am sure they all learnt lots! Everyone of them went home with a spanky new blog. Looking forward to seeing and reading about nature in Singapore from the mouths of all these babes!
IMG_2905 IMG_2910

And to wrap up the session, Ria and Monkey did some realtime demonstration of how quick and easy it is to blog!
Yes, July's expression is just *weird* while Ria is tinkering away....

And *presto* Ria takes screenshots of all these new blogs and puts them at the new Seashore Blogging Workshop here.

Special thanks to Joe Lai for organising this entire activity from the intertidal visit at Changi to this blogging workshop. The best part is that, he's actually one of our not-so-recent "graduates" from the NHC "From-Blockhead-to-Bloghead" workshop we had last year. Flying Fish Friends was the immediate result from that workshop, and I am really glad that he has encouraged so many young minds to join their voices for Singapore's nature!

To see the list of all the new blogs:
Check out our very own IYOR08 webbie
Also, some other photos are here as well:
Seashore Blogging on Flickr

Okies, time to KO. Tagging along for yet another Green Club activity -> walk around Yunnan Garden in NTU tomorrow morning...

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