Monday, 28 January 2008

IYOR01: Introducing Singapore’s Coral Reefs 「シンガポールの珊瑚礁を紹介する」

Since this year is the International Year of the Reef, I thought that I should try blogging about Singapore’s coral reefs in Japanese. So from now on, some of the intertidal activities would be written in very basic Japanese (with English translations/versions of course!) All the better to reach out to the Japanese people both in Singapore and overseas!
marine - polaroids01 marine - polaroids02 marine - polaroids03

じゃ、始めましょう~ シンガポールは小さな国から、もちろん珊瑚礁の地面も小さい。けれど、種類がいっぱいあるぞ!!すごいじゃないの?熱帯国のシンガポールの位置は東南アジアの珊瑚三角の中心だからさ、海の暖かさとか日光の強さとかもちょうどいい。それで、珊瑚の生きる易い場所~
So let’s start. Singapore’s a small country so the area covered by coral reefs is also small. However, the species diversity is AMAZING for such a small area!! Being the tropical country it is, Singapore is situated in the middle of the South East Asian coral reef hotspot area, thus the ideal conditions of warm temperatures, constant sunlight etc. for coral growth.

残念だけど、進展のためにシンガポール本島の珊瑚礁もなくなってちゃった…… o(TT.TT)o 今、珊瑚礁があるところは、大体は南島々である、少ないは東北島々である。私はいつも行くのは南島々(時々友達と一緒に他の潮間所も行く)… だから、ブログの時多分南島のことを書くんぞ!今年ももちろん毎低潮色んな潮間を行くぜ~~
It’s a pity but we have lost the coral reefs surrounding the main island of Singapore to the development of our shoreline…. Presently, our coral reefs are found mainly around the southern islands, with some at the northern islands (and shores). Since I tend to visit the southern islands (with occasional forays into the northern shores with friends), these special IYOR08 entries would largely be on Singapore’s southern islands. Chasing the shores at lowtides again this year!

さぁぁぁ…英語版と日本語版のブログは違うところもあるし、変な事もあるし…本とに本とにごめんね~~日本語は一年半もあんまり使わないから… もっともっと楽しい事を教えるけど…じゃ、頑張ってなきゃぁぁ~~またね!
OK, so the English and Japanese versions aren’t exactly the same since there is so much more I can say in English but can barely express in Japanese but I do hope I get better as time passes! Stay tuned~~


ria said...

THANK YOU!! What a fabulous way to reach out about our reefs! Only you could have done it.

And such gorgeous photos too!

I hope you don't mind but I've featured your entry in the IYOR blog.

Such a treasure. Thank you for sharing.

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No problem Ria.... Can you don't put up my full name next time? Feel so exposed... Just leave me as Jun or juanicths.. thanks