Monday, 16 January 2006

Creepy hyponotists... Or is this another hoax?

Received this in an email from my fren... I seriously hope that this is a just another one of those email hoaxes that are always floating ard, if not, it's actually rather freaky, tho being ur 'typical' kiasu Singaporean, I fwded this to my frens to be on the safe side....


Hi Ladies especially,
Beware, don't talk to strangers specially China men. Beware and alert your friends, wife and family members.

Be Alert At All Times !

This is scary.....
My female friend encountered this incident in Orchard.
That time she was waiting for me at Orchard Tower.
She was approached by an Chinese 30 to 40yrs old man.
I saw the man talking to her while I am walking toward her.
I was puzzled when she suddenly walked off with the man....... and even stunned when she walked pass me without looking at me... but I am standing in front of her!!

Thinking something amiss, I called her handphone instead.
She answered the phone and was shocked to realise she is no longer outside Orchard Tower. The man must have saw his charm being broken, immediately talked to her again..... This time I told my friend don't listen to what he said and not to look at his eyes.....juz RUN!
She quickly ran off ...... She called me again after 15mins..... and meet me at Takashimaya. She was shivering all over when I met her. She told me she really don't know what was going on..... I told her I heard of this kind of things before, ..... but nvr expected to see it myself too......
Well....... that day, she took almost half a day to calm herself

My friend sent me the following email yesterday, am forwarding to all of u for info so that u would not be caught in that situation. Take care.

"While waiting for my husband at Tangs side entrance facing Lucky Plaza, a Chinese man suddenly approached me, disregarding my personal space, stood so close to me that I need to back off. Then he asked me where was a place, which I didn't comprehend. After repeating 2 times or so, he said the place was where they sell chicken rice, duck rice, making some innocent hand gestures like counting, so I thought he meant foodcourt, told him that he could go down the flight of stairs next to Mac to basement.

He appeared lost and asked me again if it was on left hand side or right handside. I was little irritated as we were facing the stairs,such a big stairway and u are asking me right or left! Luckily my husband arrived at that time. The taxi behind him sounded the horn, so I hurriedly pointed again to the stairway and asked him to go down. Later I was suddenly awaken with an uneasy feeling. Realized that he might be a hypnotiser. As I remembered that he was loitering near me for some time, but I just took it that he was another passerby at that moment. He spoke in a deliberate and slower manner, his hand gestures when mentioning chicken rice; duck rice, etc and his deliberate attempt in asking me if left or right. These people try to get us to conjure up images in our mind, that's how they hypnotise us.

The reason why I thought of a hypnotiser was because my KL friend shared with me 3 mths back that her friend had fallen victim when she woke up naked, not remembering what happened."

This also happened to an ex-colleague of mine. Her story was that she was at busy shopping center exit, saw flustered Chinese man speaking very loudly on HP, then the man approached herfor help, told her that his girlfriend from overseas came to look for him but was lost, so wanted to borrow money from my friend, amount was quite a lot which my friend didn't have. After talking for a while, he even managed to ask her to follow him. Fortunately her HP rang, she said she suddenly became more aware of what was happening, before that, she just wanted to follow him to help him. Immediately she told the man she didn't have money and left.

So beware of all foreign Chinese man! I can't descript his accent but he is definitely not S'porean. He is very decently dressed, normal guy on the street, maybe late 30s, carrying a rather big shoulder sling bag.

Please alert your galfriends, sisters, mothers etc.

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