Tuesday, 3 January 2006

What is happening on this earth?

Was just reading the news on CNA as well as MDN, and it just struck me that even in the midst of all the countdown festivities, there are so MANY diasters happening everywhere.... Ice rink collapse in Germany, trapped coalminers in West Virginia, flash floods in Indonesia, elderly chocking on mochi in Chiba, Japan.... Makes out for a rather depressing start to the year. Mentioned all these disasters to Des, and ya, the WORLD is in need of prayer and intercessors... Which brings me to my first new year resolution.... Prayer for the world today... Not really the kind of person to make resolutions since I know that I usually dun haf enough motivation to keep them, at least not beyond the first month or so.... But this is something that really struck me... So hard that I can't ignore it... Is it the Lord tapping on that door in my heart? Nevertheless, will pray for the nations at least once a week, based on the news and happenings..... Really too sheltered in Singapore, in the little bubble of life that I am in... Need to stick my head out of this bubble and take a GOOD look around, count my blessings and feel the pain of others....

The world NEEDS prayer... The world NEEDS the Lord... Anybody interested in joining me in weekly prayer for the world?

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