Friday, 20 January 2006

Memoirs of a Geisha

Went to watch Memoirs of a Geisha last night @ GV Marina... Evening show that was supposed to start at 18.40 but thanks to all the adverts and stuff, as well as an announcement from the Biz organisers, the show only started at 19.00... din help that I wasn't able to grab a bite before the show... Pretty good movie adaptation of Arthur Golden's book ^^ Seems like the recent movies based on books are rather good, directors are starting to get the hang of maintaining plot and not sacrificing storyline for CG and stuff.... Tho, being a late nite movie din really help the bunch of us, after a tiring day in NUS, lab and/or lessons, a 2.5 h show din really help... Pity that the details and descriptions of a geisha's life, like the many layers of clothing, the makeup, the lessons etc., weren't delved into as much I would have liked... But something had to go to keep the flow of the movie... Real pity, but guess that the book would hafta makeup for wat was missing in the movie.... So, pple, pls go catch this movie if u can, and do try and read the book too!!

By the time Huey Sian, Diane, Des and I finished dinner at BK, it was already like 22.30-ish.... So no surprise that I got home near to midnight.... Somehow din feel so bad... Prob due to the company on the MRT ride back (along w the discussion of Geisha), as well as having someone concerned enough that I was to "report back" when I got home safe and sound ^^ Did feel pretty drained when I got home, but managed to get enough rest nevertheless.... This is prob gonna be my last movie in a pretty LONG time...

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